Are you paying tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in utility costs per month?
Do you have one to multiple buildings or sites?

Find the Level of Service that suits your needs

UMA is positioned to provide a unique suite of services for your organization to monitor, analyze, benchmark, and report utility data utilizing a world-recognized software platform.  We provide two primary reporting and management options.

Option 1: Monthly or yearly reporting on utility consumption, costs, and Green House Gas Emissions for your organization.

Option 2: Monthly or yearly reporting plus full utility management services.

Additional Services:

  • Pre-energy improvement project feasibility analysis and post-analysis on performance.
  • Negotiation of energy contracts.
  • Renewable energy consultation.
  • In-person or virtual presentations to senior leadership, boards, or councils on energy performance.
  • Fleet energy monitoring.
  • Water consumption monitoring.
  • Micro-Generation and utility regulations consultation.
  • Complete forecasting models for both delivery and energy prices as they relate to your organization’s utility expenses, including future energy, delivery, and carbon price impacts.
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