About UMA

Founder, Larry Gibson, is a utility professional with over thirty years of experience in the electric and natural gas utility industries. Born and raised in Alberta, Larry understands this province’s unique perspective with it comes to energy and its rising costs.  With twelve years of senior leadership, he is equipped to bring solutions that are based on one goal, to bring the best value for the lowest costs that will have the greatest results both financially and environmentally.

Larry is a Certified Energy Manager and a Certified RET Screen Expert and provides fact-based, data-driven solutions. He offers dependable advice on energy management, efficiency and savings, energy rates and contracts, grant programs, and more. Larry also has vast experience in the alternative energy sectors.

Larry loves giving back to his community and is an active board member with several non-profit organizations. He is driven to help people in any way he can.

Larry Gibson

CEO & Founder
Management & Analysis

We provide the best energy management solutions for your business

  • Fully managed utility services
  • Monitoring & analysis of utility consumption
  • Direct contact with your service providers
  • Manage utility site interactions
  • Consulting and project management services
  • Feasibility studies

Our Vision

To be the number one choice for customers when selecting a utility management services company in western Canada.

Our Mission

UMA has three defining missions that guide our everyday efforts.

  1. Educating our clients with fact-based data to allow them to make informed, innovative decisions related to their utility costs and projects.
  2. Utilizing our experience to give your organization the lowest costs to bring the greatest value to achieve a more sustainable tomorrow.
  3. Guiding our clients to make distinctive, lasting and sustainable improvements in their energy consumption and emissions performance.